Yoga acts as a mirror.  Each breath, each movement, reflects to us who we are and how we are moment to moment.  We look into the mirror of yoga and see the places that need support and the places that need to open.  The postures teach us about ourselves, markers on the map of the soul.  They bless us with immediate feedback.  As we move deeper into the physical and mystical teachings, we become intrepid explorers mining the terrain of body, mind, and soul.

- JR

Integral Level I®

For students interested in the traditional Yoga class.  A comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow, relaxation between asanas, and guided instruction throughout.  This is a comprehensive practice for personal transformation - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Each class incorporates postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices, and meditation that result in a profound experience of peace and well - being.   First - time students are welcome.

Integral Level II®

For students who are experienced with the Integral Yoga class format and are ready to move at a faster pace.  New challenging poses are introduced such as mayurasana (peacock) and shirshasana (headstand).  This class has less instruction and less relaxation between asanas; asanas are held longer for an experience at a deeper level.

Kids Yoga

Children of all ages are welcome.  We encourage children to experiment with their body and breath, mind and spirit.  Our Yoga classes are discovery classes in which children move from gross body awareness to subtle spiritual experience.   They learn simple anatomy and age appropriate breath work which translates into body awareness and mindfulness.

The classes are playful and children are encouraged to sing, to play games, to challenge themselves in Yoga poses.  They learn to stretch their bodies in creative ways developing flexibility, strength and coordination.  They learn to stretch their minds in creative ways through storytelling, music and art.  Partner poses and group games encourage children to connect with one another in profound ways.

Children are taught techniques to assist them with focus and relaxation promoting mental clarity, positive thinking and confidence.

Chair Yoga

Provides senior adult population with an opportunity to practice Yoga.  The class is structured with a combination of standing and seated Yoga postures.  The student will stretch and strengthen their muscles, lubricate joints,  improve blood circulation, and deepen breath while calming the thoughts and relaxing the mind.  Each class is modified according to the needs of the attending students.  The seniors' fee for this program is $10 per session.


We provide an overview of the practice of mediation and hope to inspire and encourage a daily meditation routine. Instruction and various meditation techniques are taught.  The meditation sessions are entirely guided by the teacher.  No experience required.  In the tradition of meditation classes all over the world, we respectfully request a donation for the teacher. There is no official class fee.

Pranayama Workshop

This workshop provides the fundamentals of Yogic breathing techniques.  The basic breathing techniques that are practiced in Integral Level I class such as dirgha svasam (deep breathing), kapalabhati (skull shining breath), nadi suddhi (nerve purification), along with a few others, are demonstrated and are thoroughly explained.  This workshop is 2 hours, $50.

Fundamentals of Integral Yoga® Workshop

This workshop will provide a student with an in-depth understanding of Integral Level I class.  By working weekly with the same teacher, this course will fully prepare a student to be more comfortable with the poses, as well as deep relaxation, Yogic breathing, and meditation, and to attend a regular class or to practice on their own.  The format of the class will encourage questions and the teacher will offer assistance and guidance to find correct posture.  The workshop is broken up into 4 weeks and each workshop is 2 hours long.  Overall fee for this workshop is $240.


Paint, decorate, design your very own yoga mat.

We will help to inspire your child to design their original yoga mat that they can keep forever. Children will paint their favorite things in favorite colors and create most precious space for their magical yoga practice.

Magical yoga class will follow...

Ages 5 and up.
Younger children must be accompanied by a parent.

Paint a Yoga Mat


Aroma Therapy

Craft organic based products for your skin. Make candles, lotions, lipsticks, etc... using therapeutic grade oils and natural ingredients.


Learn the benefits of jappa mala. Learn the practice. Make your own mala. Infuse your mala with intention. 

You get to choose your own mala beads and really infuse your mala with the right attitude.

Make Your Mala