Relationships and You

When your mind is sattvic (calm as the ocean), you have a balance between the wisdom of the heart and intelligence of the beautiful mind. And when you remove emotions from a relationship, it is no longer a "roller coaster" of the perceptions of the mind. You go beyond the mind and you See or you just Know.

Then, you decide if you want to play and why? And there is nothing wrong with participating in the drama, you just need to know why you need the drama? Peace/bliss vs drama? There can be many reasons why you want drama! Life is boring? You feel lonely? You want marriage? You want sex? You want something from someone and that is okay. You may need a lot of drama before you understand why you create it in your life.

As long as you know that the search begins within; as long as you know that the external world is the manifestation of your internal state. When you understand the teaching of your drama, it dissolves into the Existence and you can move forward. You decide what you need. And remove all doubt so you can have complete faith that the Universe will support you; and if it is not working, if you feel hurt or uneasy, trust your intuition as that is your wisdom, your 3rd eye, guiding you away from what you don't need. You see, we make decisions but then something else decides for us how the game will play out. We create conflict ourselves.

Conflict arises when we move against nature. We all do it. A man may like a woman, but do nothing to be with her. A man might like a woman, and do a lot. A man might not like a woman, and still be with her. Or a man might not like a woman, and leave her. You see, we make decisions with our heads. Our heart knows, but we don't listen.

Listen to your heart. Especially if a relationship is composed of 2 available persons. Nothing can stop 2 people who are in Love from being together. But when you make your tiny steps towards someone, they have to make the same steps towards you. If not, and you try to get someone to love you or you stay with them, I call it mental illness. Such dependency is a form of attachment, a fear of loss, etc... GO IN FOR ANSWERS, NOT OUT.