At times I would say I had self-control.  At times I felt like a prisoner of myself.  All that's passed.  I'm no longer captivated by myself.  The lesson I took from this: not to be taken by myself.     ~Rumi

Do you know who you are?  You are boundless.  You are divine.  You are beautiful.  You are free.  

We place so much weight on ourselves.  We want to look better, feel better, do better. And when we fail, we criticize ourselves like no one else ever would.  

Do you know what I mean?

Maybe you could shut the world out, just for a little bit.  You could close your eyes and bask in the silence of your mind...  Go on..try it now...

Maybe you can imagine a fire in your heart. A fire that burns through you and all around you with love and nothing else.  Go on...try it now...

What does it feel like to burn with love for yourself?

Surrender to your Self.