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  • Manasa Yoga and Ayurveda 2880 West 12th Street, Suite 2 Brooklyn, NY 11224 USA (map)

Our Meditation Goal and Intention for this New Meditations Series by Ihar Cherski is to teach you how we can Create a Positive Experience in the Moment NOW and prepare ourselves for a beautiful and successful Future by simply releasing the energy stuck in the Past or Planned Future. 

Every week we will focus and connect with different events that have trapped our energy and specific emotional states such as rejection, manipulation, poverty, anger, anxiety, loss, love and etc. 

 Your Meditation Experience Facilitator and Intuitive Guide: 

Ihar Cherski - is an intuitive meditation guide and channel. He has more than 8 years of experience of leading and practicing Meditation, Life Coaching, Personal Transformation Retreats and Intuitive Energy Work. Ihar has dedicated more than 18,000 hours of Intuitive energy guidance and has helped hundreds of clients around the world with his Intuitive Channel. He is also a Reiki Level 3 Practitioner, Essential Oils User, yogi, holistic living ambassador, founder of platform, loves traveling and helping people from all walks of life to connect with their life purpose and sacred gifts in order to find their own sense of balance. 

$30 Walk-ins and Same Day Purchase
$25 Online Pre-registration 24 hours before the event
$80 4 Classes Package (Saving $40, Original Price $120)

*All payments are final. Refunds, Returns, Store Credit, Rescheduling - are Not available.


2880 W 12th St #2, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Manasa Yoga NYC - Yoga Studio


️ I am Beginner, can I join your Meditation?

This Meditation Class is Beginners friendly and it is open for people of all walks of life, professions, age and meditation experience.
Ihar speaks English and Russian Languages. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class begins. 

️ Why Meditate in Group is better than meditate on my own?

In a group setting the amount of attracted positive high vibrational energy increases exponentially and for that reason it allows everyone to achieve better results, meditate deeper, as well as relax, reset, heal and recharge faster. 

️ Why it is important to meditate and work with the events from the Past? 

Well it is simple, our past is a Holy Grail of Energy because it holds a lot of our unused energy potential that has been blocked out and left behind in the Past. Scientific studies and thousands years of personal experience from yogis and meditation teachers and gurus from all around the world show - that every day we participate in many events during our lifetime where we express our emotional and psychological reactions. Every thought in our mind, every reaction that we express or keep to ourselves within the situation setting, we release large quantities of energy from ourselves (from our aura and chakras) into the space in a form of an energy impulse. All released energy stays in the events and places, and it is connected to us through out our life in the form of memories and experiences and it is left behind. In high quantities and density electromagnetic charge of the released energies can affect your aura and as a result physical body biochemistry.

As an example such places where people release a lot of energy are Shopping Malls, Museums, Famous Tourist Places, Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Schools, Home and etc. This is why after visiting such places, even for a short period of time, it can effect your emotional and physical wellbeing in a form of low mood and low energy. 

️ How our Energy from the Past can affect our Present and Future?

Our released energy can affect you and your wellbeing only if you have similar vibrations and beliefs and emotional needs. 
Energy attachments, or so-called “energy cords”, allow the energy of the moment Now to mix and be affected by the energy of the Past since in the moment now your vibration is already different. 

The energy of the Past can affect the moment Now in a form of negative believes, energy blockages, emotional filters, limiting beliefs, other peoples energy, negative karma, unhealthy behavior and energy patterns that is transmuted to you on subtle levels.

️ How this Meditation can support Me? 

During our Energy Reset Meditation we will go into a Relaxed Theta Brain Wave State of Mind and release any existing energy cords attached to the events and experiences that exist and affect our daily life and growth. 

We will preserve the event setting, but we will release only the energy by changing our perception and attitude to the Past through suggested guidance. Such a non-invasive and non-obstructing approach is very transcending and supportive for our mind and body.

We will redirect the released and neutralized energy towards our New goals, self inner healing and restoration, as a support energy for our projects success in upcoming future.

️ When will I receive intuitive reading and guidance related to my life situation?

After 45-60 min meditation session the group and each person in a group will receive intuitive messages from Ihar Cherski that will encourage and support everyone on their path.

️ Any other questions - please contact us directly

 See you in class!.. 

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