“It is our work, at Manasa Kids Yoga, to spread compassion into the world through our children. May our children radiate with peace and joy, love and light,"

Masha (Rukmini), Manasa Yoga NYC


At Manasa Kids Yoga, children of all ages are welcome.  We encourage children to experiment with their body and breath, mind and spirit.  Our Yoga classes are discovery classes in which children move from gross body awareness to subtle spiritual experience.   They learn simple anatomy and age appropriate breath work which translates into body awareness and mindfulness.

The classes are playful and children are encouraged to sing, to play games, to challenge themselves in Yoga poses.  They learn to stretch their bodies in creative ways developing flexibility, strength and coordination.  They learn to stretch their minds in creative ways through storytelling, music and art.  Partner poses and group games encourage children to connect with one another in profound ways.

Children are taught techniques to assist them with focus and relaxation promoting mental clarity, positive thinking and confidence.


Manasa Kids Yoga provides children with Yogic tools to lead a healthy and a happy life, the love for Self and others, and peace within and out.