I love yoga because we get to play a lot of games… We get to stand upside down… We get to do all sorts of fun chants… We also get to do fun partner poses with our friends… I love yoga!!!  Yoga is awesome and fun! (Faye, age 9).

Yoga is very fun.  I love the poses that we do.  The chants make me feel relaxed.  This place is the place where I get to see almost all of my friends in one place (Margaret, age 11). 

I like yoga because I like to learn.  I like yoga because I like doing a headstand.  I like yoga because I like moving my body (Erica, age 7).

  Masha (Rukmini), Yoga Teacher 500hr+     Works with children age 2 and up, adults, and the elderly.

Masha (Rukmini), Yoga Teacher 500hr+   Works with children age 2 and up, adults, and the elderly.

Yoga class is very fun and exciting.  We learn a lot of things like yoga poses, games, and chants.  It is good for your spine and lungs.  Yoga is also very relaxing and calming (Victoria, age 10).

What I like about the class is that you get to express your feelings in a pose.  Also, I like having my friends with me.  Yoga is the best! (Natalie, age 8).

I love music.  I like games.  I like om shanti’s.  And, I love Masha (Alice, age 5).

Yoga is awesome.  The memory game was excellent.  Masha is beautiful (Nathan, age 9).

A popular Zen story tells of a disciple who embarks on a long journey in search of a master teacher. When the teacher finally appears, the student becomes excited and begins asking many questions hoping to gain wisdom. Eager to have her questions answered, the student persists but the teacher refuses to answer directly. Instead she requests that the student pour a cup of tea. The teacher tells the student to keep pouring until instructed to stop. The student pours. The master says nothing. The cup begins to overflow, and still the master remains silent. Upset, the student exclaims:

“Master, look at this tea cup! It is full and overflowing!”
The master replies: “Yes. Just as your mind is already full. None of this teaching will be of benefit until you empty your cup.”

The disciple learned the first lesson of spiritual teaching: to be empty of preconceptions and receptive to new knowledge.
— JR