Benefits of Yoga for Children


Stronger and flexible bodies

Improved digestion


Improved focus and attention

Better concentration

igher self-esteem


Improved self-regulation

Better self-expression

Easier relaxation

Better sleep

Inner peace

Compassion for Self and others



When you sign up your child for Yoga, you can expect them to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  Those healthy habits turn into lifelong strands of healthy habits.  In addition, children who are active during their childhood will most likely remain active throughout adulthood. 

Kids stretch and flex; draw; sing; play games; sometimes they are silent; sometimes they scream; sometimes they play instruments; and meditate. No class is the same!

Relationships and You

When your mind is sattvic (calm as the ocean), you have a balance between the wisdom of the heart and intelligence of the beautiful mind. And when you remove emotions from a relationship, it is no longer a "roller coaster" of the perceptions of the mind. You go beyond the mind and you See or you just Know.

Then, you decide if you want to play and why? And there is nothing wrong with participating in the drama, you just need to know why you need the drama? Peace/bliss vs drama? There can be many reasons why you want drama! Life is boring? You feel lonely? You want marriage? You want sex? You want something from someone and that is okay. You may need a lot of drama before you understand why you create it in your life.

As long as you know that the search begins within; as long as you know that the external world is the manifestation of your internal state. When you understand the teaching of your drama, it dissolves into the Existence and you can move forward. You decide what you need. And remove all doubt so you can have complete faith that the Universe will support you; and if it is not working, if you feel hurt or uneasy, trust your intuition as that is your wisdom, your 3rd eye, guiding you away from what you don't need. You see, we make decisions but then something else decides for us how the game will play out. We create conflict ourselves.

Conflict arises when we move against nature. We all do it. A man may like a woman, but do nothing to be with her. A man might like a woman, and do a lot. A man might not like a woman, and still be with her. Or a man might not like a woman, and leave her. You see, we make decisions with our heads. Our heart knows, but we don't listen.

Listen to your heart. Especially if a relationship is composed of 2 available persons. Nothing can stop 2 people who are in Love from being together. But when you make your tiny steps towards someone, they have to make the same steps towards you. If not, and you try to get someone to love you or you stay with them, I call it mental illness. Such dependency is a form of attachment, a fear of loss, etc... GO IN FOR ANSWERS, NOT OUT.

"The one who gets crushed under this rock is the scholar. The one who stands on top of this rock is the sage. And the one who, out of fear, does not even come close to the rock, is the ignorant"

It is very important to send children to the university to assist in shaping their logic and thinking faculties.  Education is very important as well as meditation.  Even though meditation can help the children bask in their innocence and simplicity, it is not the only thing they need.

Intellect can be perceived as an obstacle.  Nevertheless, intellect can also be perceived as a stepping -stone.  "You are walking on a pathway and there is a huge rock lying on the pathway.  Now, this is an obstacle, and you may return from there thinking the pathway does not go anywhere farther.  But if you climb on the rock, a new pathway is revealed- which is totally on a different level from the previous lower one.  A new dimension opens up," (The Book of Children: Supporting Freedom and Intelligence of a New Generation).

If the mind is not developed, a person will return assuming that the rock is an obstacle.  If the mind is intelligent, the person will use the rock as a ladder.

Wisdom vs Intelligence

If the intellect is not trained, humans will remain like animals.  We would be like wild animals.  We would not have any obstacles.  But, we would also not have the means to climb up either.  Another words, the rock would not be an obstacle nor a ladder.

Intellectual training is very important.  The more enriched the training is, the vaster the intellect becomes-and that is very good- "because in the same proportion it is a means to rise to greater heights." 

The one who gets crushed under this rock is the scholar. The one who stands on top of this rock is the sage. And the one who, out of fear, does not even come close to the rock, is the ignorant
— Osho

The ignorant one did not have a trained intellect.  Even though the scholar's intellect was trained, the scholar could not go beyond it.  The wise one's intellect was trained, and he managed to go beyond it.

Logic is means that can be used to destroy life (destructive) or create life (creative).  Logic will have to be sharpened like a sword.  Then, a person will have the logic (sword) to hurt someone or to save someone's life with a sword- it all depends on his intelligence.

Om Shanti,






Since Then I am never Alone

If you depend on anything or anybody outside you to be a companion, it is impossible to have that companion always with you.  Even if another person wants to be with you always, he or she cannot.  We come alone, and we go alone.  Don't depend on outside company.  Even as you are coming and going,there is always another there- your own spirit, your own Self or the God within you.

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Who Is Hugging Her Now?

Once a pretty young girl was stung by a scorpion.  It happened on a mountain top, at evening time.  To go to the clinic down below, you had to descend a thousand steps.  There were mostly monks and spiritual aspirants around, and everyone was trying to figure out what to do.  The girl was lying on the ground crying, and her mother also was crying.  A renunciate is not supposed to touch a girl, so the monks were planning to get a stretcher or something on which to move her.

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Manasa Yoga NYC- Study of Bhagavad Gita 1

Vedas are the ancient Indian scriptures.  The root vid means knowledge; so, any scriptures that talk about the truth are Vedas.  For example, the Bhagavad Gita, Song of God, forms part of the epic poem of the Mahabharata and belongs to the culture of ancient India and is a Veda..  Vedas can also be refereed to as shruti- that which is heard; but not heard from another person or read from text, or had been written by someone, "heard" by sages through the process of deep mediation.  And, that is why, the content of these shrutis is called the Eternal Truth or Sanatana Dharma.  

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